B12 / B-Complex


The role of B vitamins in the body is impressive! They are involved in metabolism, skin health, immune and nervous system functions, muscle tone and the prevention of anemia. Aside from boosting the immune system, Vitamin B12 & B-Complex injections are used to:

• increase energy
• boost metabolism and increase fat burning
• improve skin texture and tone
• improve mental cognition and nervous system health
• decrease headaches
• balance hormones and decrease symptoms of PMS
• improve mood
• reduce stress and support adrenals
• boost detoxification pathways

At DMH Aesthetics, we offer B12 injections (our basic B shot) and B-Complex injections (B12 + Complex B vitamins). We recommend getting B12 or B-Complex injections once a week to see full benefits

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Vitamin B12 injections are most commonly prescribed to prevent a deficiency or to treat a B12 deficiency in people with impaired ability to absorb nutrients. Injecting vitamin B12 or taking it sublingually, which means dissolving it under the tongue, allows the vitamin to be delivered directly to the bloodstream. Vitamin B12 shots are also prescribed for fatigue, depression and to boost cognitive functions in the elderly.

Vitamin B12 shots should only be administered by a doctor or other medical professional. As with most shots, a B12 shot is injected directly into a patient’s muscle, usually in the thigh or upper arm. For individuals with a vitamin B12 deficiency, the usual shot dosage is 1,000 micrograms.