Everyone desires to look better and look younger. Yet many people don’t want to undergo potentially painful ablative laser procedures that require a large amount of downtime and healing. Neurotoxins and fillers are also popular cosmetic treatments, but many people don’t know if they can be combined with other skin rejuvenation products.

ResurFX™ solves these concerns and allows patients to look and be their best. The ResurFX™, as part of the successful M22 IPL system, is a non-ablative photo-fractional skin resurfacing and rejuvenation system. This means it will not damage the outer layer of the skin while penetrating deep into the lower dermis layers to stimulate collagen growth and create a natural healing response.

 Face, neck and décolleté are all separate treatment areas

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The M22 with ResurFX™ provides you with the ultimate resource for making your skin as healthy as possible. With just one machine, your clinician now has the power to effortlessly treat the greatest range of skin conditions. From vascular and pigment conditions, to fine wrinkles and skin rejuvenation, the M22 with ResurFX™ can help you achieve the beautiful appearance you desire.

With the revolutionary photo-fractional skin treatment of the M22 with ResurFX™, you can have multiple skin procedures in just one visit. Your clinician can treat your vascular or pigment condition, and then immediately help rejuvenate your skin with the same advanced platform.

If you want to look your best, with the least amount of downtime and most comfort possible, ask your clinician how the M22 with ResurFX™ can help you achieve your goals.


You may be a candidate for ResurFX areas not listed.
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Redefining the Vision of Skin Care

The all new 7th Generation VISIA Complexion Analysis System delivers a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations. A newly designed capture module rotates smoothly around the subject, greatly simplifying the imaging process while providing greater comfort for the client. Updated software allows faster image capture with automatic skin type classification, refined facial feature detection and more.

Easily Capture High Quality, Standardized Facial Images

VISIA’s multi-point positioning system and live image overlay make it easy to capture perfectly registered images to document progress over time. Rotating capture module easily captures left, right and frontal facial views.

IntelliFlash®, cross-polarized and UV lighting are used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. UV photography provides the most complete data set available for sun damage assessment and analysis, including UV fluorescence imaging to reveal porphyrins.

Canfield’s RBX® Technology separates the unique color signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualization of conditions such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and acne.


Spots are typically brown or red skin lesions including freckles, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and vascular lesions.


Wrinkles are furrows, folds or creases in the skin.


Texture is primarily an analysis of skin smoothness.


Pores are the circular surface openings of sweat gland ducts


UV Spots occur when melanin coagulates below the skin surface as a result of sun damage.


Brown Spots are lesions on the skin such as hyper-pigmentation, freckles, lentigines, and melasma.


Red Areas represent a variety of conditions, such as acne, inflammation, Rosacea or spider veins.


Porphyrins are bacterial excretions that can become lodged in pores and lead to acne.